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Fuel Dispatch

Preferred Testing & Compliance is proud to be a distributor for intuitive Intellifuel products and dispatch services

Take your dispatchers from fire fighting ... to fire prevention

Transform dispatch from a cost to a profit center

Replenishment planning logistics are far easier to master when the computer is handling the mundane and previously necessary work of load forecasting and calling sites for sticks, meters, etc.  When you couple Preferred Testing & Compliance's current precise data capture methods with Intellifuel's replenishment forecasting algorithm that mimics and leverages your most experienced dispatchers' knowledge, your transportation staff will accurately schedule 40 loads per hour.  And it doesn't matter where they are, as long as they have access to the Internet.

With Intellifuel's replenishment planning tools, each of your dispatchers will finally have the time to consistently plan loads that take advantage of rack price volatility.  We empower your dispatchers to plan a bare minimum of one of these loads every day in your favor.  22 of these loads per month, on a price change of just 3¢ means that each dispatcher just became a profit center.  That's a minimum of $5600 a month per dispatcher, which translates into a positive ROI.

Because Intellifuel interfaces with the industry's leading accounting systems, we can pass order closure, inventory and sales data to your billing department, eliminating a lot of manual keying in the process.

How efficient do you want to get?

Preferred Testing & Compliance and Intellifuel will help you get there. Quickly.