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Automated Fuel Management &  Compliance Solutions

Preferred Testing & Compliance  understands that each tank owner has specific needs and budgetary constraints.  Therefore, we have the flexibility to customize a compliance solution that best fits your needs, from basic inventory control measures to full automation. 

Preferred Testing & Compliance can automatically and remotely manage your UST compliance requirements with one of the following technological solutions:

  • Phoenix Assurance Program
    Environmental insurance based on OpSmartsm technology and underwritten by an AM Best A+ rated or better insurance carrier.  This program offers: 24/7/365 monitoring, immediate tank alarm notification, $0.00 deductible for environmental incidents.  (more information)

  • OpSmartsm
    Provides fully automated minute by minute hands-off reconciliation of sales to physical inventory, including immediate notification of all tank monitor alarms, with all records posted to a website to be viewed or printed from anywhere.  Connects to virtually all existing tank monitors and dispensing systems.  (more information)
  • SiteOnlinesm

    Offers all the benefits of Op Smart sm  plus the ability to capture daily POS            "End of Day" reports remotely.  Preferred Testing & Compliance can bring your entire site to you online.  (more information) 
  • ListenNIII
    Fully automated bi-hourly tank level capture from exisiting tank monitor, including  bi-hourly reporting of all existing tank alarms.  Daily capture of compliance data, including tank test results, line testing results (if applicable), as well as, daily capture and remote viewing of POS "End of Day" reports. (more information)

  • DataBug

    A simple, easy to use, communication device that allows store managers to submit price surveys, fuel delivery closeouts, text messages, and more to the fuel supplier or dispatcher of choice.  This device can be used stand alone or in conjunction with any compliance solution listed above.  (more information)
  • Centeron 
    Cellular technology allows customers to remotely capture fuel levels of above ground storage tanks.  This includes propane tanks, as well.  (more information)

Bring all your tanks into one fuel management, dispatch and compliance solution.