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Preferred Testing & Compliance offers the following services: 

  • Stage I and II Vapor Recovery Testing – If you own and/or operate gasoline UST systems within the 13 County Metro Atlanta Area you may be required to maintain, operate and test Stage I   and/or Stage II   Vapor Recovery equipment.  Stage I Vapor Recovery systems must be recertified every five years to ensure the system is functioning properly.  Stage II     Vapor Recovery systems must be tested for compliance annually and recertified every five years.

  • Precision Tank Tightness Testing -   Preferred Testing & Compliance is capable of testing USTs from completely empty to 90% full using state of the art vacuum/acoustic precision test equipment.  Tank Tightness Testing may be necessary to investigate suspected releases originating from failed release detection results (SIR, ATG, poor inventory data).  Tank Tightness Testing is also recommended any time a facility changes ownership or is brought back on line after being temporarily closed for any period of time.   (more information)

  • Precision Line Tightness Testing – If you have pressurized product lines, these lines must be tested annually to ensure they are not leaking.   (more information)

  • Line Leak Detector Testing – Pressurize product lines must be equipped with line leak detectors, either electronic or mechanical.  Both types of leak detectors must be tested annually to ensure they are functioning properly.

  • Corrosion Protection Testing Preferred Testing & Compliance testers are certified by state approved corrosion experts to test your corrosion protection systems to ensure they are functioning properly.  All corrosion protection systems must be tested within six months after installation and every three years thereafter.    (more information)

  • Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) Preferred Testing & Compliance offers third party certified SIR to our customers.   (more information)  

  • Fuel Testing and Treatment Services Preferred Testing & Compliance can test and determine your fuel’s condition.  This procedure is highly recommended for tank owners that maintain long-term storage of fuels, typically diesel emergency generators.
  • Automated Fuel Management & Compliance Solutions -   Preferred Testing & Compliance  understands that each tank owner has specific needs and budgetary constraints.  Therefore, we have the flexibility to customize a compliance solution that best fits your needs, from basic inventory control measures to full automation.  (more information)
  • Fuel Dispatch - Preferred Testing & Compliance is proud to be a distributor for intuitive Intellifuel products and dispatch services.  (more information)  
  • Propane Monitoring - Preferred Testing & Compliance offers the Centeron line of propane monitoring equipment.  Centeron monitors are designed to allow replacement of mechanical gauges with automated wireless monitors. No loss of propane during installation, cost effective and reliable.  (more information)